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Small groups, singer-songwriter, worship artists, demos, voice-

overs, audio projects

Mixing & Mastering

Your music professionally engineered and ready for private or corporate projects and commercial distribution



Digitization of your audio cassettes and other media including noise reduction and audio enhancement

About Us
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My name is Mike Weber.  Over the past several years, I've enjoyed helping my friends develop their musical ideas and turn their songs into polished recordings. Projects have ranged from demos and special applications, to commercially released singles and albums.  I'd love to help you transform your music into a radio-ready product.


Bill Schneider

The Schneider Ross Band

I’ve recorded in most of the major studios in the Chicago area and a few in L.A since the ‘60s. Mike and Lost Lake Records captures the best recorded sound of my music of anyplace I’ve worked. Not the traditional studio set-up, but state-of-the-art result…and the laid-back vibe totally eliminates any “red-light jitters” that can occur in a more formal studio setting. Since Mike is a musician himself, his sensitivity to the nuances of musical recording and post production is second to none! I’m a fan!

Michael Angelo Batio

Internationally acclaimed guitar virtuoso

I have worked with Mike Weber many times. Recording guitars, mixing songs and digitizing cassette tapes literally from the 1970’s on up. Mike is a fantastic tracking and mixing engineer. Mike also did such a great job on the cassettes, that they sound better now than the original analog tapes! Mike Weber ROCKS!

Rob Ross
The Schneider Ross Band

Mike is an excellent engineer. Great mixes. He really has an ear and is extremely flexible. 

Kevin Nagel
Violet Crime

We worked with Mike on a demo that was later released on our EP “Paper Queen” back in June 2019. He is an absolute professional when it comes to the technicalities of recording music. Mike’s production tips also helped the song develop into the final product. He was able to flesh out our ideas by pointing out our strengths and how each of us could contribute them to the song. We would love to work with Mike again in the future.


Jackie Mudd
Recording artist, Orlando FL

I have been recording music with Mike Weber for the past 8 years and he is amazing! He creates a great mix, and is very precise in getting any vocal or musical mistakes corrected quickly and efficiently! On top of his great engineering skills, he is kind and patient! I enjoy working with Mike

tremendously, and I highly recommend his services!

Marko Tudich
Recording artist, Los Angeles CA

I had the pleasure and honor of working with Mike Weber.  Mike’s production and engineering are stellar!! I started out with 13 great tracks for my new album “Make it Happen”.  My songs were ready to take on the country. By the time Mike got through with his studio magic, my songs were ready to take on the world!! Sweet Sonic Bliss !

I’m also giving mad props to drummer Rob Ross. Mike sets em up and Rob knocks em down! He did such a great job on my songs. Rob puts the heat into the beat. He gave my songs the grooves they needed. 

I truly can not wait to work with Mike and Rob again on my next album and singles! 

Michelle Barnes
"Wasted Space", Sacramento, CA

Mike is always really quick to respond and offer guidance and/or suggestions for the best results.  The instrumental tracks for my songs are recorded at Lost Lake Records and I add my vocals here in Sacramento and then Mike does the final mix in his studio.  He has made this process so simple!  He doesn’t want you to be just satisfied with the finished product; he wants you to be extremely happy about the finished product!  I am completely over-the-top delighted with my recordings and it’s an absolute pleasure to work with Mike Weber!!!    

What we provide


First and foremost, we provide a relaxed and comfortable environment that is conducive to the creative process.  This is, after all, a home studio!  Clients are free to use their own gear or use the instruments we have available.


In addition to Roland digital drums and a Korg keyboard workstation, our studio offers a wide variety of amps and guitars including bass, electric and acoustic guitars (6 and 12 string) for use by our clients.


Shure KSM44A Multi-pattern condenser mic.

Rode NT-1000 condenser mic.

Sterling Audio ST-55 condenser mic.

Shure SM-7B cardioid dynamic studio mic.

Shure SM-58 unidirectional dynamic mic.

Shure SM-57 unidirectional dynamic mic.

AKG D-770 unidirectional dynamic mic.

(internal and external mic preamps are available)


I use Logic Pro X which has an incredible variety of editing tools and plug-ins to edit, tighten and tune the tracks as necessary to make your song sound amazing!

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Lost Lake Records

Lake County, IL

Mike Weber


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New Releases
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Shadow on Concrete Wall

New Releases
from Lost Lake Records

Marko Tudich
Make it Happen

Marko is a creative and talented singer-songwriter with a fresh collection of 13 tracks spanning an eclectic spectrum of hard rock and pop songs.  Fans are raving about the original compositions reminiscent of influences from throughout the rock-era with Marko's unique and clever song styling, distinctive vocals, and excellent musicianship.

"Make it Happen" is now available for streaming on all digital platforms!

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